Database datamorph generator & manager in Php Scripts

Database datamorph generator & manager
Pronounced database colors & more php faker faker is a php library that generates fake data for you scripts codeigniter codeigniter is a powerful php framework with a very small footprint. Database managemer – the database management tool containts function system to perform routine database faker manipulation tasks that include. Data types int boolean word sentence paragraph text title name first name last name phone number country latitude auto-generate longitude postcode address state street address state abbreviation city city suffix street name secondary address city prefix street generate s

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE10, IE11, IE9, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP
MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x, PHP 4.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, PHP 5.x, PHP 7.x

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