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Directory advanced indexing

Size or last modified time user friendly light weight uses css3 the default directory listing page is not very nice to look at information & if like me you want a place to apache put various files & have them easy to navigate then this is the perfect script to do that. Before buying mod_autoindex this item please make index sure you review the sort installation instructions. Key features automatically create directory listings works with apache’s mod_autoindex no need to copy files into each folder sort files & folders by name. Demo a listing demo can be found at documentation the documentation i

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Chrome, Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
jQuery, PHP 5.x

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ncluded nicer with the script can be seen here support directory if there are any problems with this item. It replaces the size mod default directory listing with a completely custom one which has a much more user friendly & folder visually appealing interface