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(11/21/2011) * fixed google pagerank * fixed hosting google indexed pages (09/08/2011) * added ca domain support * better socket handling (07/14/2011) * added support for se domains * updated google index & backlinks count code * new documentation (04/18/2011) added support for pl domains (02/18/2011) fixed error when trying to use free method without an array ($domaintools >free('sitebase. Be') (02/18/2011) fixed whois bug for domains (08/30/2010) * added support for hu domain extension * fixed errors when get ranks for new domains pagerank (07/30/2010) * top keywords fix (alexa changed structure)

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(05/16/2010) * added support for ws domain extension * fix google index & backlink count so that it works with googles changes (04/05/2010) * fixed google backlinks for big websites (03/15/2010) * stripped some garbage strings from the keywords * fixed alexa delta & ranking * removed deprecated ereg function (11/11/2009) * fixed some problems in the indexed pages & backlink checker * added a fully working form classes to check if a domain name is free. Ca get google bing information & alexa yahoo rank for a domain indexed free pages on google. Bing & indexed yahoo count backlinks with google & yahoo names whois information top keywords for a domain 3 examples included example of how to show all info for 1 specific domain. Domain links tools is a class that pages can be used to checker get information about domains a domainname