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I would also appreciate if you have time to review or rate the class too. Public methods of the message class getcategory() getfromemail() getfromname() getheaders() getid() getissent() getmessagehtml() getmessageplaintext() getserializedheaders() getsubject() gettimestampcreated() gettimestampsent() gettoemail() gettoname() setcategory() setfromemail() setfromname() setheaders() setid() setissent() setmessagehtml() setmessageplaintext() setsubject() settimestampcreated() settimestampsent() settoemail() all class methods are commented. Php email queue class (phpeq) is a php class that is used to

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MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5

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create & manage email queue using mysql database. Documentation php email queue class (phpeq) comes with full documentation. Public methods of the queue class addmessage() getemailcount() getemails() gettablename() setconnectiondetails() setmessageissent() settablename() all class methods are commented