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Facebook quizely script quiz viral
Some of the variables depend on viral the permissions nametests networking the application has & the user is entitled to use these permissions. Random images random texts user photos user avatar avatars of friends constant images social captions / avatars quizess constant texts result button quizely is advanced script but it can be easly customized. You can use heroquizz variables in the text boxes to modify the personality saved text while a user is running the quiz apps. Curl facebook php extension gd & imagick library exif php extension mbstring php extension openssl php extension pdo php extension

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE11, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL
PHP 7.x

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tokenizer php extension xml php extension you laravel need other modifications in script ? ask me. It’s big chance that i will code them for free traffic because i want to maintain quizely clone for long time