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Fast newsletter email sender

Html) added in the footer section selected language added in settings block “registration” added email user registration system added import template e newsletter from url added time of adding in the subscriber base added setting “automatic language detection from ip” added in footer dynamic site display server time added logging of incorrect authorization added attribut “cheked status” in “users mailing list” added highlighting not translated phrases in the editing translation changed pagination on section “users mailing list” improved section “settings” – “information” improved section “system logs

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP

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” improved section “users mailing list” – “blacklist” added autoresponder to the events. Amount of clicks from e mail) moving tab “list unsubscribed” to the section “users” added language español (thanks neno69) added variables to translation the file added option “high importance” in newsletter changed the number on pages “newsletter archive” 10 to 50 fixed bug edit settings group fixed bug edit settings users fixed bug deleting custom language fixed bug save custom script language added “change log” & version in footer added “help” in top menu – march. Groups “view only your” fixed an error resending added restriction for users to send messages in a day added the display of owner of user groups added to section “archives” number of sent messages added import users from wordpress added import users from wordpress authorhq added import users smtp from mailer added import users from custom cms fixed function to delete the system’s user “delayed email by time” function fixed fixed “language” editing minor fixes – may. ) fixed closing of the window in the dialogue unsubscribe from the mailing list fixed a display bug in the statistics “unsubscribed” from newsletter added block “google analytics” to section general e-newsletters settings added to section “tools” – “db maintenance” added removal of multiple tasks in the section “newsletter archive” added removal of multiple group in the section “groups” added removal of multiple users in the section “users mailing list” fixed button “send test email” fixed user registration fixed password recovery fixed button “pause” in section “newsletter” fixed a bug sending multiple emails to one addressee fixed error in section “system logs” changed on page navigation in sections. /50 (20%)) added “preview” when creating new ? newsletter added “default settings” to section “general settings” changed “view text mail” in page detail task changed “preview” in section newsletters “templates settings” added in section “group” php counts “participated in sending” added column “delta” time between sending in the details task added option “track clicks on links” added option “track reading” added “debug mode” to general setting (if it is included