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Feature ajax request voting

Be notified using ipn database driven easy to setup & configure ajax voting ip based voting protection password protected admin area add/edit/delete features approve features added by regular users progressive javascript enhancements knowledge of php would be beneficial new – accept paypal donations new – let users know when the feature is in progress/done new – ipn paypal integration. An ajax feature request script that will enable users to request features for your applications & also allow users to vote on them so that the features with the most votes can be implemented the users ip addre

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Chrome 4, Chrome 5, Firefox, IE7, IE8, Opera
jQuery, MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.x
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL

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ss is recorded along with their vote so that they cannot vote multiple times. Auto update votes the feature when a donation is received any adjustments or modifications get in touch & i’ll see what i ipn can do. An password protected jquery admin area is included so that features can be approved before voting being made live