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Food online ordering platform
Apache with php & mysql ) mysql database and pdo extension full specification we build user friendly online food ordering system to manage & sell foods online & order processing & delivery. Restaurant name etc within micro seconds invoicing for restaurants & profile management location tracker secure password algorithm responsive design suitable for all devices angular js based mobile design for touchscreen devices live notifications with bells & emails localtion generator based on google maps api beautiful charts & reports ordering from multiple fooders write your recipe section reward points

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PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.6

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based on orders seo oriented social media integration beautiful image gallery delivery radius & location marker using google maps api fast. Features it has separate logins for each restaurant so that logina they can manage their presence on platform various things that users will do will be stored inside database & on basis of that system will provide restaurants – their feedbacks. New feature of online google is already implemented ) pci compliant image optimization technique similar to facebook that saves space able to handle billions of records searches region. Online food ordering web application dtf is an online food ordering web based platform which allows fooders to showcase their food menu online & accept online ordering