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Xml files to change order positioning or dimensions) 5 skins included “ready to go” & “advanced forms” examples included source contains some useful php / xml fields / css validation tricks simple. Inline serialized data submission customisable email message for administrator optional poll carbon copy emails upload for administrator’s staff optional customisable confirm email message for users. Required / survey rightanswer (md5 encrypt) / allowedfile(for upload) / onlyletters / onlynumbers / phone / email / php url / morethan3 css / morethan10 / lessthan3 / lessthan10 full field dimension error mes

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Chrome, Firefox, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
PHP 5.0 - 5.2
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, XML

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sages (jquery fading in & out) template based. Works even in ie7 form (detected via php) with fixed style width layout (because css3 box sizing declaration doesn’t work) xhtml all code (jquery snippets too) is packed in a 30kb. Load & display multilanguage content from xml files via simplexml function contact generate dynamic css via php & xml loaded variables generate “perfect width” nested elements with css3 box sizing declaration jquery onsubmit inline validation with fadein & fadeout error divs thispageurl to gallery get the current url complete with variables perfectascii to sanitize non ascii chars from any string perfectmailutf8 to manage correctly accented chars in the email messages perfectattachment to manage email with attachements formpresto is swiss army knife