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Generate genxlsx excel files

Background & numeric merge cells (rows & columns) autofit columns (automatically take the width of the longest text) example included easy to use uses standard php – no additional extension support nedded easy to integrate genxlsx – ability to add new styles to cells (background color & border) autofit columns (automatically take the width of the longest text) merge cells (rows & columns) reorganized the export process fixed some bugs genxlsx – improved class the process to read correctly the html code (xxx. Generate excel (xslx) files records written directly into the file records not loade

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PHP 5.x

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d into the memory ram excel file is generated very quickly excel file may contain up to rows. The style tags are generate always used in front of the values & there are never closed. The genxlsx class creates the file with one sheet which may contain up to rows. The genxlsx class creates an excel (xslx) file & export writes the records directly into the file without loading them into the memory ram