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Ordered by a custom priority from 0 100 trigger events & pass any number of parameters/arguments to the listeners (modifications are “gathered” through all the class listeners) & the final parameters are returned. But listener programming what if we could change ”$this>event >trigger()” & consequently ”$person >event >listen()” to something easier to write? here’s where the trait comes in. A module hook driven or plugin in our system? – we might be able to ask “is this an admin?” inside the event listeners but that would give some overhead (it would require more if statements & more logic…). ) l

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PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4

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isten & trigger events temporarily suppress & unsuppress events if needed programmatically clear listeners on specific architecture hooks events have multiple listeners on the same event. I advice you to use this class for “main” events that lie at the root php of your application & then consider either the eventobject which i talked about previously or the trait for events on specific objects or other parts of the system