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Reset option for when a cleanup is needed requirements please read the whole documentation along with the statistics readme at phpanalyzer audit docs recommended vps hosting. Pdf export ready your users will be able to export their reports to pdf also facebook analytics login / registration for users accounts instagram login marketing / registration for users accounts favorites system. Admins now can edit followers any user’s points via the admin panel added option to set the default amount of points each person receives cleanup in multiple files. Following & upload count day by day paid reports y


Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, Layered PNG, PHP, SQL
MySQL 5.x, PHP 7.x


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ou have the ability to sell instagram audits / reports to your users expiration time for reports (optional) tool free analyzer / demo reports. This is a tracker which uses different api’s to get the data for the user influencers & has the possibility to track data for any user after it has been added to the database with instagram the cronjob functionality