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Invoice mint manager
Autosize textarea date range hrm picker file upload input file upload progress html paypal editor upload image here are list of modules which is available in this script. Php openssl php extension pdo php extension mbstring php invoicing extension tokenizer php extension xml php extension mcrypt php extension the script supports rest billing api with example documentation. Built with laravel responsive bootstrap beta rest api speed up development with laravel mix webpack browser quotation sync ibilling support sass json based authentication. Item category user authentication social oauth reset

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Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, PHP, SQL
PHP 7.x

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password user registration user activation account approval two factor authentication screen lock invoice login throttle reset password token lifetime login lifetime password strength meter user list user profile change password user avatar sample todo accounting module private message database backup ip filter maintenance mode multilingual rtl support date/time format &. Uses vue router vuex for data flow pagination datepicker what modules are available with laravue starter kit? payment here are list crm of pre defined components which is available in this script