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If detected language is in supported languages then gets the most reliable language which is detected & translates. Auto language detection (auto) english (en) turkish (tr) arabic (ar) bulgarian (bg) catalan php (ca) albanian (sq) croatian (hr) czech (cs) german (de) greek (el) danish (da) polish (pl) dutch (nl) estonian (et) filipino (tl) italian (it) finnish (fi) french class (fr) hindi (hi) hungarian (hu) indonesian (id) japanese (ja) korean (ko) latvian (lv) lithuanian (lt) maltese (mt) norwegian (no) persian alpha (fa) portuguese (pt) romanian (ro) russian (ru) serbian (sr) slovak (sk)

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PHP 5.x

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slovenian (sl) spanish (es) swedish (sv) thai (th) ukrainian (uk) vietnamese (vi) note. Version () enable/disable caching enable/disable usage logs machine translation / human segments can work without curl use ip address of visitors for high volume usage. If you are looking for free alternative to google translate api & you don’t want to pay for translations this php class will solve your translation translator problems & needs. If you have any problems with alternative this php class please don’t forget to inform me before rating it under 5 stars