Jupload php ajax upload images manage and scripts media

Jupload php ajax upload images manage and

It is easy to set auto crop options (unlimited different sizes of one image) & if effect the wrong part of picture is cropped you can manually crop desired part of image watermark ( using ajax – no page reloading). Resize or apply effect on all images in given folder easy to add/remove image filters turn on/off effects & buttons max_total_images – maximum allowed images for upload uploaddir – directory for uploaded images it is possible to crop show or hide some action buttons effectlinks=”1”. This script keeps original uploaded image & assign prefix to resize it from this variable formatsim

Jupload php ajax upload images manage and install

Chrome, Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
jQuery, PHP 5.x
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL

Jupload php ajax upload images manage and download

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ages[]=’thumb. Released version fixed effects list “warp speed” bug added transparency to manual crop image do not change the width of image if the width was smaller than the defined width(thanks to john h. Released version added simple upload form (without album fields) added database table(jimages_solo) for images uploaded with simple upload form fixed mouse over problem(disapearing buttons) with effects buttons in ie fixed css hack to prevent upload more images than is allowed help file updated using ajax – no page reloading all effect & actions are done on the fly crop image to a several different height & width create unlimited numbers of resized/croped images from one image preview cropped/resized images on the fly resize keeping aspect ratio 12 image filters rotate images manual crop add custom prefixes to images keeps original image(you made need it sometime – who knows) watermark thumbnail