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Keyword seo class php spy

Features retrieve keyword phrases from a url get percentages (keyword density) for each keyword crawler in the url content display a graph that shows the most common keywords & the keyword density or use the keyword density for your own program’s purposes get plain text content you can use classes to store in a database filter out common keywords you don’t need customize the keywords you want to filter out using the (some common words already included) requires curl installation the demo link has a gui for you to test it out. Get the word count for the web page this function just returns the

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Chrome, Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
jQuery, PHP 5.x

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word count for the page content website php. //gets a list of keywords & densities foreach($stats as $key => $value) //displays keyword ($key) & the density ($value) { plugin echo $key. | | (dir)keywords | —| | web —| | —| (dir)htmldom | —| | copy the keywords directory to your project folder. Seo keyword spy is a php class you can plug in to your programs that analyzer saves you time with keyword analysis functions seo