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Slovak) create localization new language edit/delete language info add new terms filter dictionary entries delete dictionary entries edit/delete automatic cyrillic dictionary entries directly in datatable upload files for import import uploaded language files if you have any problems please write me parsonal message & i will reply quickly as possible. Copy files to your webroot directory setup database import located in packege edit or with your settings delete file if you want to arabic use done example of // database connection [database] host chinese = localhost database_name = language_system

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Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Opera, Safari
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.x
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL

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username = root class password = '' unix_websocket = '' // user creditionals for login [login]. // in your code utf-8 use placeholders defined in dictionary administration & simple language will bootstrap replace placeholder with your defined value $dict['welcome_term']. Where import are the new features well documented automatic generation of language detection translation abbreviation (iso 3166 1 alpha 2) supports also (every utf 8 characters). Automatic language detection from browser language automatic language detection from browser by multilanguage user country 18 new language selectors – check out demo data page new demo page