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Leave e management system
Admin & user history authority can delete admin & user authority can create new session for new year authority leave can add new designation admin panel. User general features attractive user interface easy installation responsive design with bootstrap easy user management leavemanagement types of users(authority. Login system user account created by authority & admin user can management apply for both advance & absence leave user can check leave application history user can check leave application status user can create new session for new year easy to edit user info & password e-leave reset system.

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE11, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.6

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Admin & general user) dashboard statistics notification system for all users change profile picture of laravel all kind of users activate user account via mail verifction create unlimited authority by authority. Login system admin can add admin & user admin can also apply for leave 5.3 admin can php make decesion regarding leave application accepted rejected admin can check own