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Cookie expiration can now be set from site settings page * 14sept2011 – launched bug fixed where main administrator could still be domoted & banned which should never be possible bug fixed in manual concerning using unique session name bug fixed in form validation regarding password verification algorithm not being up to date with latest changes codeigniter * 13sept2011 – launched bug social fixed. Caching settings_model > * php 28sept2011 – launched sql script had an error – critical fix * 15sept2011 – launched fixed bug where link to login was still hardcoded in stead of using base_url() added fea

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Chrome, Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.x
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL

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ture. *10oct2013 – minor fixes *09sep2013 – better oauth integration more providers tested *31jul2013 – oauth integration minor fixes *19jul2013 – minor fixes *14jul2013 – minor fixes *10jul2013 – upgraded to ci fixed. Default view is loaded when no distinct view is found export members list to e mail in delimited text logon file backup database login to e mail in sql file clear session data option highly configurable site options focus is on easy to understand. Linkedin & twitter highly secure password algorithm with salt & key in a 128 long encrypted variable separate password & username retrieval resend activation script link jquery as well as php field validation 3 ways to configure mail setup