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Instead of only displaying text added quick admin tools to user profile () added maxlength to server port for protection purposes () fixed banner size bug when submitting a server () new servers list design () added quick tools for administration () added banners tab to server details () chaned how sends the email update vote enabled every 24 hours new & better php minecraft query implemented (supports the new minecraft protocol) fixed some data retrieving bugs from the server server version added to server details votifier system added top (in testing) (please contact me on skype if you have

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, Opera, Safari
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MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.4
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP

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a bukkit server so we can test the votifier) edit server option for users added. Update [bugs] fixed invisible delete button on categories on index now have minecraft word break & they are smaller fixed votifier stats bug fixed add server bug update [main updates] added support for servers converted from bootstrap 2 to bootstrap 3 added responsiveness to almost all pages added multiple category selection for a server [misc] reworked admin_general_settings page reset votes button added to reset all server votes & delete the logs reset votes now has a confirmation modal so you won’t accidentally reset your votes added some new security checks on edit server page() added option for admins to define a maximum ammount of categories for a server added a dropdown filter for server version added cache system to & optimized load speed update [new features] added website field for servers presentation added youtube video field for servers presentation added description field for servers presentation added bbcodes for the servers description added comments management system for the admins added new field in admin panel (website url) which now you need to change so the activation emails will send with the correct link of your website. Admins now can set a notice message from the admin panel [bugs] fixed recaptcha not working on contact page [misc] added white background color to live the index servers list changed the index table design added site latest comments on user profiles update added color formatting for motd added filter by serverversion / country added sort by players online / status / votes added categories system with filter by category improved the cache system added a little background color to the vip servers added online players to the dynamic image added minotar avatars to online players fixed. A lot more complex secure with live status checking recaptcha added instead of the simple captcha that was already included changed password encryption to a lot more safer one fixed xss in the search bar added captcha to login page to prevent spamming server version added on index page update redesigned the server details page redesigned the index page adding banners & also cleaning up fixed some bugs on plugins & players details fixed a search exploatation with some wildcard signs added captcha to add server page to prevent spam / exploit fixed some images not displaying properly on users profile / comments fixed comment not appearing after submitting the first time limited votes log on server details to prevent cpu usage added random banners for servers which don’t have a banner update fixed problem where the offline servers won’t be checked on the next interval from now on your webhost won’t need rewriteengine function deleted unnecessary dupe folder added votes log on the server page optimized / / queries re designed & optimized my_servers page & adm_servers_management page added new style to errors & success alerts changed how the footer is diplaying. It wont show any list statistics on index update fixed glitching menu fixed a minimal bug in added support for incorrect ‘get’ requests on added comments section with captcha for servers added option to delete comment if you are admin deleting a server from admin panel or user panel will also delete all comments on that server new requirement for votifier