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Multilanguage php phpmlc class
Documentation translation php multilanguage class (phpmlc) comes with full documentation. The multilanguage session is also used to remember the last selected language even if the $_get parameter is not specified. Php multilanguage class (phpmlc) is a php class to add multilanguage feature to the projects/websites. It is also possible to get php translated string for specific key with the gettranslatedstring() class method. Admin panel features all pages are password protected admin can edit access credentials admin can manage languages admin can manage translations admin can manage panel languages

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MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5

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admin can manage panel translations public methods of the class autoselectcurrentlanguage() createtables() getcurrentlanguagecode() getcurrentlanguageid() getlanguageids() getlanguages() getlasterrormessage() gettableprefix() gettranslatedstring() gettranslatedstringsforcurrentlanguage() gettranslationkeys() setconnectiondetails() setcurrentlanguage() internationalization all public methods are commented