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News hackers community script
About us pages admin can add as many as category he/she wants clear cache at any time to refresh the site security features email confirmation hackers to protect from spams site media owners can choose admin approval or network auto approval csrf protection. Google + posting username login admin panel features list of all the users at one place track inactive users with no activity over a month list of all images list of all community comments admin can asking edit any users profile admin can users admin can edit image description & title admin can delete any image admin can make user & images

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Opera, Safari
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5

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as featured list of all featured images in one place list of all featured users at one place managing reports edit faq. % sql injection safe using social late binding secure bcrypt password hashing script server requirements php or greater mcrypt php extension curl ( by default enabled ) mysql live demo ( visit ) live demo site hackers sharing news demo ( some features are disabled ) demo login. Password = test123 visit admin panel after login visit site blogs smtp support for push queus using updates   link version 07 question july. Site map built with laravel registration features portal user can register with their email address support for facebook & google connect for instant login email confirmation is required to protect news from spams support dual facebook