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Online minorahtutors tutoring script
The online credits deducted from student goes to tutor only when the tutor completes his course for that student & updates the status first by tutor & then by student if student satisfies with that course session. Minorahtutors – online tutoring script is a script building an online platform where students register for classes according to their subject needs. Where institute can add their tutors lms & manage them complete admin settings & full control over the system detailed documentation & complete functionality general features of student tutors system facilitates to book a course for students b

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y online students can also book under institute offered batches student can post script his requirements. Tutor & institute management tutors will enter teaching courses along with available timings tutor profile settings with image & video upload to their system profile gallery student can manage their settings & directory contact the tutor before finalising the tutor separate institution level module. Admin checks the request & send the money to tutor out of the system based on the tutor given tutoring payment/bank account details