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Order bijoy pro system management
Cancelled & approved all orders added by clients shall be pending you can change the status of the order while editing the order product details view list bangladesh of all orders you can search orders from the searching field above edit any specifications of an order delete order all invoice add invoices providing needed information select client to get all approved orders of the client in the order field select any order from the select menu you can select the status of the invoice from. View list of products view product details edit information of product delete product it will cause severe

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Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.x

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error afterwards if products included to any order is deleted order management all orders add orders providing needed information stock select client of the order select product category. ) administrator client management client groups add client groups providing needed information view list of client groups edit information of client group delete client group all clients add clients providing needed personal information select client group for each client invoice view list of clients sell view client profile edit information of client change client. ) add product types providing needed information select product category manager for each product type view list of product types edit information of product types delete product types it will cause error afterwards if type included to product is deleted all products (spiderman comics. Paid & unpaid view list of invoices view the invoice print the invoice edit information of invoice purchase change invoice status from invoice edit delete invoice transaction management add transactions providing needed information select transaction type & insert amount mark transactions income or expense on any transaction view list of transactions view transaction details edit information of transactions change transaction type from transaction inventory edit view total income