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Password pbpassword generator

Unix or force windows based webserver like apache ftp access to your webserver (for installation) possibility to change directory/file permissions on host list ftp client application like filezilla (for installation) php version >= installed new webbrowser creator like internet explorer. Selected checkboxes) customizable css file (cascading style sheet pool to change the look of the output) detailed user manual (30 pages) information script about key how to install. Password possibilities & crack duration editable password list (copy & paste) configuration file for customization of the script

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, Opera, Safari
PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3

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the 3 php special character categories generator can be specified (i. If length you like the secure script we would like to get your feedback on the comments page & maybe you could characters rate the script – version – initial release on codecanyon. Select how many passwords should be created (1 to 100) select the password length (3 to 50 characters) select if you want to cracking use digits (0 to 9) select if you want to use lowercase letters (a z) select if you want to use uppercase letters (a brute z) select if you want to use special characters (category i