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Update (11/17/2012) improved bitly the api query added possiblity to remove any of the latest 50 added urls improved the redirect function features. Update (11/19/2012) included custom shortened urls (forgot to include it in the initial release) update (11/18/2012) added option to create shortened links via api (check the documentation) added the possibility to retrieve the stats page for an url via api improved the api documentation update (12/4/2012) fixed a major bug. Also comes with an api script that tinyurl allows developers to retrieve useful information such as shortened url.

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Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Opera, Safari
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, Layered PSD, PHP

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Advanced php url shortener is a powerful clean & lightweight script that allows your visitors to tiny shorten their urls. (check it out – it’s a link great api that allows you to shrink both create & search for urls ) update (12/6/2012) fixed a critical bug