PHP images and media

Jpeg gif png resize image to a certain height & width resize image to match width resize image to ma..
You can control imagemagick the transparency of the output image store you directory can use externa..
Resize the images to given dimensions but if the ratio of the given dimension is not the same as the..
User can befriend one api another but also have the option to sign simply follow other users to gall..
Text & image crop image grayscale image reflect shadow of the image 5 types for resizing an image ro..
Easy install admin panel albums user registration lock image file by download social password galler..
Validates instagram url (domain validation php. System requirements php 5 or higher curl support fea..
Basic wysiwyg editor included manage navigation items (links) by adding as many pages & external lin..
This script uses html5 in addition to javascript live. Just copy the files to ascii your upload web ..
Image upload facebook image instagramclone share from youtube 9gagclone twitter different hosts. Med..
Php field validation unlimited album creation update & delete access album unlimited photo upload in..
Resize & mapping tagg images with openeyes image tagging script. I can’t find image tagg script map ..
My codeigniter uri rewritting can sometimes confuse things (with the browser manipulation & php look..
Secure image uploader is a 100% secure image php uploader class. Validations upload are well known a..
Social links fixed for non mod_rewrite versions … keep in touch with updates & subscribe to sis (sim..
Show & hide embed code on image click & orkut link upload unlimmited gmail images to your folders 8 ..
You should create hosting this file with a different name or just create it in time of need. When yo..
Imageresize can resize any image in any folder on your website with full caching for gallery optimal..
Upcoming update shutterstock & istockphoto affiliate media icons support. Super google light weight ..
Awesome images laravel awesome is an image share sharing platform. Demouser1 viral images admin demo..

Images and Media