PHP images and media

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Imgresizer gallery can handle pic jpeg space. The action purpose of imgresizer is to resize large am..
Imagesafe is a set of scripts that help you protect images on your website by making it extra hard t..
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Visitors can also register commenting & upload & if sharing they want share their uploads with the c..
Facebook dailymotion vimeo instagram (you can download youtube photos & videos) twitter features eas..
Responsive for your mobile or tablet features one click install homepage backgrounds (5 included) op..
Video intro self for php promote is a php script that allows you to add video presentation before yo..
Just input your itunes affiliate token in the settings file & script all the links to itunes will ha..
Important update on activating the html5 sound for lib [this won’t work for shoutcast volume type un..
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The front photos end interface manager enables you to filter through your galleries albums & preview..
It is easy to set auto crop options (unlimited different sizes of one image) & if effect the wrong p..
Optional selection of image template gray or true photographic color in admin while upload. Welcome ..
Here are a list of features which make this plugin excellent php images. Sublime layer responsive sl..
Change description very convenient managing images interface – the gallery managing interface is ver..
Php logo designer is a starter javascript kit for you maker to start your logo designing project soo..

Images and Media