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Php pbipcheck blocker access country

Cache sizeā€¦) different configurations can be used for different projects user deny just exit the script if a visitor is blocked display an error (500 internal server error) for blocked visitors forward blocked visitors to another url matching results (allowed or blocked) are cached easy installation (upload/copy the files. Unix or windows based webserver like apache ftp access to your webserver (for installation) ftp client application like filezilla spider (for installation) possibility to change directory/file permissions on country host possibility to password protect directories (optional) p

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE9, Opera, Safari
PHP 5.3

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hp version >= installed php function fopen() enabled zip compression & archive extension installed & enabled new webbrowser like internet explorer. Menu script to access the tools & logs ip check script (function) to allow or deny the site access information page to display the status information (return array) database converter to download & convert the geolite database log analyzer to display a lot of useful access information cache eraser script to delete an existing cache file two tiny example applications to show the integration of the tool new log analyzer to show a lot of useful access information more unwanted bots added to the block list improved user manual (77 pages in pdf format) small bugs fixed better bot/spider check to detect fake bots/spiders reverse/forward dns lookup to check the bot domain & ip address caching of the ip number for allowed bots (bot cache file) improved caching speed for allowed visitors (ip cache file) country list from geolite database to copy into the configuration option to deny access to visitors with an empty user agent string improved logfile which displays access status & processing time improved user manual (73 pages in pdf format) small bugs fixed block or allow the visitors from specific countries block or allow the bots specified in the configuration file exceptions for specified ip addresses very extensive user manual of 60 pages the user manual covers the installation. Examples & the manual database converter to convert the geolite data into an ip list converter downloads the geolite database from maxmind script / function which can be included into your own projects information array returned by control the function info page which displays the content of the information array cache eraser tool to clear the ip number cache logfile for allowed and/or denied access two small example applications are included examples show how to integrate the script into website your own projects different configuration options (logging. This agent script is for everyone who wants to restrict the access to his websites or applications for visitors from specific countries & also specific bots & spiders (you need to know how to upload files to your webhost