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You can login votes with the password admin generator. (03/02/2011) * fixed bug when using special characters in title xml (02/24/2010) * added 2 extra variables (topanswer & topvotes) (01/07/2010) * fixed some undefined variable notices * return message when the selected poll doesn't exist (11/11/2009) * fixed admin undefined index problem * some make small changes to the documentation (10/17/2009) * file_get/file_put workaround * added totalvotes variable to use in templates. With easy this rate script you can easily place & manage polls on your website. The administration template systems

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Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari
jQuery, PHP 5.x

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give you the ability to customize the look & feel of the poll so it seamlessly fits in with the rest of your website. Add/edit/delete polls in the admin panel password protected admin panel styling the look of the polls with templates & css multiple poll instances on one page pdf documentation 3 poll style examples data is stored in an xml file poll example 1 poll example 2 poll example 3 you can test the admin panel here