Premium jqcm engine quiz responsive PHP Scripts

Premium jqcm engine quiz responsive
Results) can be stored in a database secure & easy to use backend high questionnaire scores chart with multiple types display explanation after answering a question a generator which allows you to manage your qcm tests explanation for each question the correct answers are not clear in the source code multiple tests on the same page unlimited subjects. Option if the answer is wrong with a defined number of attempts simple integration of sharing buttons each quiz with a different message all quizzes texts are editable in trivia the generator without changing the script code you can use different

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CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, PHP, SQL
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.5

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animations for questions. If the form and is displayed last it will also multiple send the score & explanations return to the previous question display answers at the bottom of questions or beside them availability of two options for calculating the score. Checkbox & radio a question marketing can have an unlimited number of possible answers each question may have a different value compared to other questions of the same test you can set the number of answers that you want by line if you want to start a video. To retrieve choice user data post the results to a mysql database using php answers use the informations of registered users for the tests explanation per question main features users informations (name