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Without size /colors software unlimited motives with category card custome background images/ colors add multiple text lines with designer alignments – convert text to curve text add text as qr code into google design unlimited normal &. Curve text on each design side unlimited canvas motives on each design side [support generator svg format] upload motives on each design html2canvas side [support svg format] after accepting terms &. What is fonts nh design this is an online solution for selling products tshirt with customized motives & texts including admin export tool for code a highquality r

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eady to print pngs in pixel. Conditions support google fonts – optional support custome local fonts via xml – optional canvas objects copy & pate function [ctrl+c/ crtl+v] convert uploaded image as background save & load the design with a design code without using a text database print the design in pdf fabricjs share the design on facebook 10 product templates with business a hq export tools no sql database installation required shop complete help instructions high quality design export informations how nhdesign works? here is a detailed explanation of work process. Responsive design with simple product fly search paypal curve function design for oneside & javascript