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Events listings jquery & events calendar events categories javascript carousel for promoted events responsive design export single events to google calendar or ical file google maps & integration contact form photographies displayed in the demo site events are not included with the script. Automatically set end date in the events form update to cakephp 2013 06 17 update cakephp to the version allow events web urls to use protocols other than http show database error message if couldn’t connect during installation add date webcal to events page title & meta description add search form in search r

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MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL

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esults page add microdata to events pages 2013 04 29 add event status field for confirmed. All translation texts are separated from the html templates which is convenient events if you want listings to translate the script to a different language. Tentative & cancelled events fix google maps images issue with bootstrap image width move country name translations to its own file fix minor translation issues fix ical calendar name fix ical date time format allow ical webcal subscriptions add sequence field in events table to keep track of edits for webcal updates always display events feeds link update cakephp to version fix html tags in rss feed fix rss feed self link 2013 04 23 update tinymce to version 4 redirect to previous page or search after promoting an event redirect to previous page or search after editing an event upcoming. Venues & cities to 50 in admin panel fix login redirect fix date/time format in events repeat end date allow admin to delete cities even if they have associated venues & events remove carbon background image display sqldump in admin’s main content area when debug mode is on use a separated language translation file for language shortcuts add page number to the webpage title in the listings view allow admin to set meta description in admin panel update documentation remove pagination in the admin panel users listings update language translation promote files fix translation issues fix permissions exception in web installer google new design for the web installer