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Protector demo php class

Have you ever received comments from clients telling you that your demo is not working or they cannot log in to the admin panel? administrator especially if you provided admin access to the panel you did have headache blocking rights & hard coding fixes to block the users which make fun with your demo wordpress installation protect. The class is a protection must have for each envato user which sells wordpress plugins or any other stuff which have to grand access to the administrator panel of the system for demo or any other purposes. The demoprotector is a php class which allows you deny to

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protect certain parts of the administration panel of your wordpress websites. If i’ve missed a page or just the page secure which you want to block is a custom one you can easily use the custom protection tool demo which is comming with the class. Just include the class & with 2 3 lines of code you can be ready for going live without any doubts & disable fully protected