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Q q2aphp network social a

Like on twitter – fixes with sending mail version – new user interface – added ranking system with points question – added gift & stickers system – added notification system – added possibility to atach images formspringme on answers & comments – added stream page – added likes system – another fixes version – added user custom backgrounds – added top. Deleted unuseful files) fixed error 39 bug askfm with disabling page fixed bugs with images & gd library fixed bugs with anonym link on avatars fixed bug with followers dublicates fixed bug with q2aphp deletd gifts on user gifts page fixed bug

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No - Standart
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, Layered PNG, PHP, SQL, XML

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with time for online users added function for different timezones added online sticker added new form of time – with text. Last users lists – follow/ block users – network users backgrounds like on – privacy system (block anonymous or some user) – comments system (anonymous posibility) – atache images on comments & answers – likes – points system (can be used for monitization) – page with top users – draggable gifts like on – anonymous/public/private social gifts – user stickers – bonus. Added online users statics in administrator panel added unfollow button in follows page added romanian translation added stream on homepage changed “people” page optimised queries for deleting users & answers – now will be delleted anonymous all information with this user / question deleted responsive style version fixes with authentication & users images added smiles little code optimisation version added posibility to change number of points from admin panel (users>profile tab) added for testing responsive design added q&a user image in inbox questions page added clickable url`s fixed russian translation fixed stream link for comments fixed wrong login/password authentification (now will appear message) version installation fixes fixes with auto refreshing page updated like button added button “load more” for questions on profile page added gd library added loading animation for stream page updated notifications menu. Gifts in package included version fixed online sticker fixed languages file fixes in style for all pages added image for disabled account added user id on profile page deleted link from likes ask count on profile page fixes with links & emoticons deleted disabled users script from top list fixed profile reactivation version new design code optimisation (90% of all files changed