Rates bitcoin realtime currencies 163 PHP Scripts Ratings Charts

Rates bitcoin realtime currencies 163
Api/v1/calculate/2/usd) how to install once you have tools downloaded the zip file from extract upload the files to your server via ftp make sure the folder/file(s) is able to be written to via the currency server (0775 permissions) in bitcoin the browser. You can either go through this process again or just rates open library/ in any text editor to edit server requirements php 5+ curl extension= (php class calculator numberformatter requires this). Features supporting 163 currencies super cryptocurrency simple installation with built in installer api updates every 60 seconds json data cache change

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PHP 5.x

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the default currency/calculator (index page) ticker change the popular currencies (in the header) individual currency pages clean. Api/v1/rates – which will coin give you all the current rates api/v1/rates/{currency} – which will give you the current rates for that currency realtime (ex. Mobile responsive design finance configurable title & description configurable color scheme easily configure your google analytics api information bitcoin rates comes with btc a built in api