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The second grayscale manner is using the class in your website/application code by including the in your script process. Add watermark without resizing user remote pictures image as source better support for transparent images like gif & png better support for 24bit crop png watermarks direct link black & white filter timthumb parameter. Png preserves png & gif transparency rotate images can oop be used as a class in your own website/application can be used as an url resizer that can directly be set as image source 3 types of image resizing (stretch. Crop) watermark images cache image for efficieny

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Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8
jQuery, PHP 5.x

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filter effects like size negative & grayscale batch resizing create photoshop aco files on the fly based on an image create a color scheme based on an image choose outputted image quality use remote images as file source 01/09/. Fixed problem with special chars in remote image resize urls images 19/08/