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School training tsms system management
/ sales & marketing batch course generator – offer courses of any length from 1 day to as many weeks as you want add different lessons to each course assign multiple teachers to a course add homework to each lesson grade homework add attendance add study material to timetable reports each lesson add an online exam to each lesson add either a local & foreign teacher or both to lessons create student leads & then convert to a student – great for tracking sales & marketing add demo classes & assign teachers & leads install to - the demo add activities & assign teachers & leads / students & teachers plu

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Chrome, Firefox, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, PHP
MySQL 5.x, PHP 7.x

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s many more features… at the end of the user manual there is a more detailed explanation of each feature. Multi school – more than one school – no problem multiple roles – super admin / school admin / teacher / foreign teacher / student system / parent marks / receptionist / librarian / accountant /. Most school management systems work on a semester / term basis but most after school training schools want to offer courses students ranging from a single day and/or one week to 52+ week courses that can run librarian throughout the year. Feel free to mess around if you are running an administrator after school training school parents or any other type of tsms education organization that requires a flexible school management system. Openssl php extension pdo training php extension mbstring php extension tokenizer php extension update for install use custom install process that integrate into tsms system during installation you can select wizard multi school system or single school features