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It decrypts the content of that cookie using the same key as on encryption cookie is splitted into two parts part that contains saved hash value confidentiality & system contents of cookie a hash value is generated for content of cookie & will be compared with saved hash value of cookie if values are the same. The decryption strength of key it’s very high & to break the key it is needed ~2^160 attempts which is number with length of 17 numbers & today’s processors aren’t strong enough to break this key for a short time. Hash value of cookie name is generated using md5 algorithm & saved with

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that name value of cookie the hash of value is generated using md5 – for data integrity check then hash value & data’s for that cookie are concatenated concatenated data are encrypted with ancrypt using specific passkey & to test a cookie data integrity this is the flow of how any cookie security can be verified if is altered (modified) & it’s not the cookie you saved before. This means that cookie is not altered otherwise it will integrity return false value by meaning that cookie content has been altered & it’s in your hand to deal with that cookie. Data confidentiality data integrity data confidentiality – ensures that data are hidden from everyone expect persons who have passkey & encryption/decryption algorithm