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Set permissions) easy configuration (edit the configuration file) tool full source code available host monitor (php. If you like the script we would like to get your feedback on the comments page & maybe you could rate the check script logfile – version – initial release on codecanyon. Html & css) low hard & software requirements no mysql database needed host with linux operating system (maybe unix also works) webserver like apache ftp access to your host (for installation) ftp client application like filezilla (for installation) possibility to change directory/file permissions on host possibility to

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, Opera, Safari
PHP 5.3

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password protect directories (optional) possibility to add a cronjob to log the load data pb-soft php version >= installed zip compression & archive extension installed & enabled gd image processing extension >= installed & enabled gd free type support for using average true type fonts (optional) new webbrowser like internet explorer. This script is for everyone download who wants to monitor the average server load on a linux host (you need logger to know how to upload files to your webhost. Log server load averages all 5 minutes display the load averages (1 min / 5 min / 15 min) as a graphic logfile chart download in csv format logfile download in zip format load graphic download in png format create load graphics for different periods of time automatic insertion of zero values for downtimes of pbload the server detailed user manual to get started (42 pages) easy installation (upload/copy the files