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Ua 12345678 1) google adsense option (this option will disable ads banner system & will show google adsense banner on redirect page) option for delete url by user (admin can allow users to delete own shortened urls) admin can set short url length from admin area option to enable maintenance mode option to enable tos acceptance dual capcha system (recaptcha & select image) easy install latest shortened urls top 20 shortened urls (by hits) two languages avaible (english & romanian) user can delete own shortened urls weekly chart recover password change password & account details total hits of

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE9, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL

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shortened urls costum url responsive design metro design update [20 10 2013] fixed urls bug fixed time zone fixed “edit banner” option fixed qr bug fixed menu links bug added option for users to buy ads added views limit for ads update [24 08 2013] fixed points system bug edited file. Etc…) banned ips system delete shortened url add/edit/delete ads banners add/edit/delete ads iframes the admin can see how many times a banner was seen (count banner views) the admin can see how many times a iframe was seen (count iframe views) security questions system auto delete shortened urls after x days (this option is only for guests. Deny guests (only users can shorten urls) update [31 05 2013] fixed user points (now users get points only after click on “go to site” button) update [30 05 2013] added new admin template added bulk options (mark active. Withdraw date) update [27 05 2013] fixed custom url bug added new user template update [12 05 2013] fixed a bug in install/ fixed a bug in update [11 05 2013] fixed a bug in admin/ added points system shortener added display limit per ip/account update [09 05 2013] fixed a bug in fixed a bug in css added possibility to change language (for users) added waiting time option added limit per ip/account. (just replace it) update [23 08 2013] fixed ‘add url’ bug update [17 08 2013] fixed a captcha bug update [10 08 2013] added ‘add url’ in admin area fixed ‘edit url’ option in admin area update [05 08 2013] added page system added contact form added ajax form (create urls using link ajax) added stats page (v1) added api (v1) added html code option for banners from “go to” page fixed menu problem on register page new account page update [18 06 2013] fixed email messeges (welcome & recover password) fixed google adsense js fixed password reset validation template