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Updates 2010 06 25 > ) added searchable knowledgebase > ) new user permissions for the knowledgebase added > ) added time measure info with popup function > ) dateformats can now be defined in the language files > ) dynamic project option on customer selections while creating/editing a todo > ) subprojects (categories) for projects > ) quoting checks (dbquote function implemented) updates 2009 12 11 > ) some language fixes updates 2009 12 07 > ) some small layout & language fixes > fixed the overall width on dashboard > small language fixes > added complete dutch translation – thanks again t

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o daniel van der stelt updates 2009 12 06 > )some small fixes > cust_act (customers_main) > )added number of projects to the customers’ overview > )now it’s possible to add a milestone to a time entry > )added some statistics (using jquery’s jqbargraph) > – all projects (spent time) per customer > – all project times per project (splitted into months & then into days) – days with milstones will be signalized > – all projects to single user > – single projects to single user (month/year – day/month) > – own projects via profile > – own single project via profile > )delegated todos can be followed now > – the receiver of a delegated todo isn’t able to delete or redelegate todo > – as a delegator you are able to redelegate. Just two levels of user rights (administrator or custom user rights) new since edit their profildata add their working times to projects they are assigned to administrators can add their times everywhere administrators can manage a lot of users & define there project & user rights ability to write todos new since ability to delegate todos new since ability to define own weekly/monthy working load new since. Offers & other documents can now be uploaded to the customers the documents are only downloadable by administrators (no direct linking) or users with rights to view the customer’s documents create projects & assign them to the customers assign users to the projects start time measurement just by clicking on start now icon stop time measurement immediately just by clicking on stop now icon or edit unclosed working time add custom working times by clicking the appropriate icon categories within a project to get a better overview new since dynamic timer to show you how long you’re currently working – with popup functionality new since search for unique project ids new since. Regardless from open working times > ) redesigned confirmation page updates 2009 10 17 > ) small small & medium bugs fixed > ) customer’s document management is now accessible through customer’s details too (if there are enough permissions) > tasks ) project’s document management is now accessible through project’s details too (if there are enough permissions) > ) value of open todos can now be viewed in the menue & on the landing page > ) users can define their intended weekly & monthly working load (hours) > information about their status in the current week/month can be found near the logout button) > ) added show/hide function for projects’ overview > ) added spent time & number of projects to each customer on projects’ overview > ) added ability to delegate todos to other users. Pass update instructions & update scripts are included updates 2012 10 29 > documents ) fixes for special form field data > ) some sql query fixes > ) fix for sporadic bug during downloads of project files > ) fix for sporadic bug during downloads of customer files > user ) customer status update fix updates 2011 07 24 > ) some php fixes updates 2011 04 11 > ) some fixes to projects’ attachments updates 2011 01 28 > ) some really small fixes in the projects > ) added some shortcuts to projects details & edit views > ) added possibility to search for project ids > ) added project ids to details