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Here you can already see the full documentation that is included with this download to get a mobile better themes feel of how this would look on a real device you can test it out in a blackberry online iphone emulator. Photographer mobile is a clean pda & modern win website theme for mobile site pro script that can be used as a photographer portfolio but also for other sorts of websites htc. Usable for app every php website animated page transitions (fallback to normal page browsing for older phones) automatic phone detection extensive documentation support for custom themes (2 themes are included)

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jQuery, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP

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plugin system contact form iphone plugin included remote page plugin included gallery plugin included rss news plugin included google analytics plugin included logging system included to log problems & errors caching system included mobile trigger parameter to test the mobile website on your computer device specific selectors in css optional exclude devices that don’t need a mobile version. Handy for creating new themes * added types for blackberry & nokia phones gsm webapp (05/05/2011) * did some random changes & fixes (27/04/2011) * included the psd for the mobile candy theme. Test it windows out (10/20/2011) * use absolute paths in bootstrap to solve problems on some servers (10/10/2011) * remote plugin strip smart images/links options * rss links go to mobile fixed android * new jquery * remove images width & height in remote page for better scaling * use subdirectories in pages directory * ajax url's (13/07/2011) * fix character problems on home screen * fix load problems in gallery plugin (01/07/2011) * application bookmark mode * remote plugin wrong selector error is now handled in a clean way * remote plugin now also supports relative urls (base_url parameter added) * multiple instances of remote ipad page plugin on one page (16/06/2011) * www crossdomain problem fixed * added mobile ie cleartype * added global header part