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Breezedevelopers to login as admin just click on pink heart visible at footer “developed with heart” (no changes will clone be saved) website features welcome – very unique & cool welcome screen which includes css background animations active login/sign up – a active login & sign up method which helps user share profiles & posts pre loaders – includes js & gif pre loaders breeze responsive – responsive design including animations in each & every section security – fully ready to take on security diseases such as xss. It’s very intelligent & helps you block users reporting false & frequently &

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Opera, Safari
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.x

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also prevent reporting same content till content has been edited by the owner embed videos directly from youtube & watch them live without leaving screen very nice chat experience includes grouping users into single chat search in facebook your own profile for posts. Privacy – set privacy on posts/followers/followings/profession/location & much more network like users can also set privacy on whether they are free to follow or users needs approval before following(instagram like requests) notifications settings – set per page notifications & turn on/off notifications on post loves/post comments/followers/request approvals & real time(active) notifications chats – platform support both single & group chats networking with chat icons. Trending now – instagram like search suggestions allow user go through one o he trending posts posted today/yesterday/last month/all time bests search profiles / website – users can easily search platform for script content within their own profiles as well as website search is also available add/update – profile images & profile profession/location/hometown/first name etc. To mention a user social along with notification or just @mention administration can edit upload settings which includes saving images upto a fixed resolution & further administration can set image compressing rates users can edit per page loading settings for notifications & turn on/off active(real time) notifications which helps users with slow connections perform better add comments via pop up modal 6 pop php up ads one click multi language support is added to entire site including (browsable sections policy