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Social sngine engine platform

Version – 19 august 2013 fixed htaccess file error version – 13 august 2013 fixed birthday error version – 5 august 2013 fixed signup error fixed directory users profile links version – 3 august 2013 fixed httaccess file social fixed hovercard waring issue fixed poll app error fixed chat cron page version – 29 july 2013 fixed recover/reset password fixed installer site url default value issue version – 26 july 2013 fixed admin signin on firefox fixed user photos page fixed login by twitter fixed delete album bug version – 25 july 2013 initial version if you like this script. Add languages con

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.x
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, Layered PNG, Layered PSD, PHP

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trol at admin panel version – 28 november 2013 fixed user gender is always female fixed division by zero when browse directory updated the installer updated the documentation file version – 3 october 2013 fixed email url in registration message fixed setting page (linked tab) fixed chat cron job version – 12 september 2013 fixed edit users in admin panel version – 9 september 2013 fixed edit users in admin panel fixed twitter share button fixed #hashtag version – 30 august 2013 fixed confirmation email bug fixed dot in user profile url bug fixed debugging mode default value in config file fixed admin panel users control (not saved bug) version – 29 august 2013 platform add facebook theme for free. Mention & smiles supported support age verification see more option for long text post like facebook version – 4 december 2013 update network languages control at admin panel version – 2 december 2013 feature. Directory system to make your website indexed & seen by search engines awesome profile page privacy settings sponsored ads system real time chat & messaging system like facebook themes system & you can easily build your own theme discussion app with wysiwyg editor about/privacy/terms pages block. Links) script post on friends profiles disable new registrations users can publish posts in real time to his/her facebook & twitter accounts linked accounts ( users can like their facebook & twitter accounts) signup with social networks (facebook & twitter) getting started page to upload avatar edit user info & connect social accounts verification emails ( user can re send verification email or change it) multi languages system (support arabic & rtl design) ajax powered system users can create/share photo albums & video albums apps powered system questions app with voting system on answeres & notes system users can like