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Store multi php sale of point
You can give users limited access vendors to limited modules & a user which is not sale admin can only see & manage the module they have access returns for still only admin can use delete & edit feature on all modules however other users have access but pos they can view. Receiving if clients have credit balance manager receiveable you can add receivings return from them & point list all receivings as well in table format sale invoices list all sale invoices. Sale & purchase graph sale & purchase graph implemented same graphs also can management be requested for purchase returns & sale returns

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these graphs helps user to check total sales by stock date. Fix tax create taxes for no tax create a no tax tax with inventory 0% products you can warehouse create a product sales & select its alert units during product creation also upload product image if possible. Price levels in price levels you can set prices for different levels these are the rates would applied purchases to customers depending on their price level so if you have given a customer during creation or from customer price level section price level 1 or 2 3 or any they will get php rate of that level during their invoice creation store