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Streaming cinemalex service
Also using amazon web service to transcode video & storage & cloudfront & also themoviedb api to get media all details. Password change payment method change plan show invoices show live history watched change language adjust series captions – tv color. Admin panel go user go requments service aws s3 aws cloudfront aws elastic transcoder stripe account themoviedb account – according to you server php apache or nginx npm or nvm feature admin panel data analysis by day month year movies – upload movie details using themoviedb api or without – update – add subtitle – delete tv show – upload series

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, PHP, SQL, SWF/FLV, XML
PHP 7.x

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& episode details using themoviedb api or without – update. Movie – suggestion for next movie or episode or season (auto stripe play after 10s) episode – you can play netflix any episode of any season documentation cloudfront we explained all request & response & how add/update language & plan. Vtt player & add to any movie or episode top – add tv show & movie in the top slide report system imdb for video themoviedb (episode movie) users manage – add