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It’s time consuming to make this in photoshop (especially random if they keep asking you to make changes). Display text as you website background specify a list of random words to pick from control the foreground & background colors use any ttf font (comes with arial as default) so you can make the text look as cool as you like choose the distance between each line of text set the font size how many lines of text to generate every now & then a customer wants their website background to be random words. It is also handy if you want your words background text to be generated from a database o

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Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari
jQuery, PHP 5.x

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n the fly (eg. Demo generator #1demo #2demo #3demo #4 another demo this comes with a example & a help file with all the settings. Linux hosting account (have not tested windows yet) php version 5 php image & font modules (click here to download the compatibility test file) here are a few small sample images generated from this script