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Out of the box it can create thumbnails from text files & image files as well as watermarked images. Also to add a provider just created a php text class that implements ithumbnailprovider to add your own thumbnailprovider. > version released – 14 oct 2010 version generation released – 15 oct 2010 changed ithumbnailprovider. Changed imagethumbnailprovider to use original dimensions when thumbnail dimensions are 0 or extendable null added class gdthumnailproviderbase to hold basic methods when creating a provider that uses the gd library added class watermarkthumbnailprovider to built in pro

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viders added $useprovider arg to thumbnailcreator. As you can see added checks that width & height are actually numeric values added checks that the file image in question actually exists scale text thumbnails proportional to an ×11 piece of paper