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Exact size resize by width (auto height) resize by height (auto width) auto (automatically determine the best of the text above modes to use) crop – resize as best as it can then crop the bmp rest apply filters including. Minor bug fixes thumbnail creator (on dynamic the fly image resizing) – with built in caching rounded corners shadows watermarking reflections vintage filter minor bug fixes supports bmp. Jpg will use “progressive” while gif may or may not do something – i originally left it out due to a bug in some php versions that cause this to not actually do anything but i’ve included bo

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jQuery, PHP 5.x

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rders it image now thumbnail anyway. Php is to be compiled in with watermark crop —enable exif server requires “allow_url_fopen” to be on for external image resizing psd support is not maintained resize or supported by me. Now checks if the directory is writable when shadow saving added an image upload class now you can easily batch resize/apply actions effects to a folder of images